Cooler Summer Day

Today, in what should be the hottest part of the year, the temperature is 76 degrees. It even rained last night and this morning. The canvas rocker on the back porch had a gallon of water in the seat. I captured it in the watering jugs so I can water my plants there when the temperature goes back up to the hotter nineties range. 

It might even go to a “hunerd” degrees pretty soon.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe we should say that the hottest time of the year in Central Texas is September. My college friend, Bob, used to walk outside the dining hall after the evening feed and say,”It’s hotter ‘n’ fried radishes out here!” And he was right. 

Hammocks in the Heat

Sand at the Beach

Froggies Singin’ Cuz It Just Rained Today


A few little book titles, or song titles for us to ponder on a cooler summer day.

Are You My Daddy?

For several years, I have struggled dealing with whether or not to track down my biological father. Just this week I came to a peace-giving decision. I just don’t need to find him. Why would I want a relationship with a man who raped my biological mother? I had some romantic notion that he would be sorry for what he did sixty years ago, and wondered if my biological mother was okay, and would want to know his offspring. What a ridiculous long shot that would all be! So I have let that go.

And then yesterday, out of the blue, a wonderful thought came to me about my Dad. He is the man who committed legally to adopt me and keep me as his daughter and give me a life full of blessings and opportunities. I realized that my father never spoke a cross word to me. Never.

One time, I made a big mistake at the church youth dance on a Friday night. A bunch of the girls brought liquor all mixed up in a Mason jar and we drank it down and proceeded to get busted. My poor mother had to come get me. Mortified. My father was out of the country but when he returned, he said not one word to me for a couple of weeks. And this is what he finally said. He smiled and said, “Well, I went behind the barn myself a couple of times.”

So that is the man I call father. Earthy father, that is. I have never had a problem with my heavenly Father. The two of them are enjoying each other in heaven as we speak.

Draggin’ the Past

It seems I am very good at draggin’ the past with me wherever I go! All the “if-only” things around me drag me! So do authors just start writing even if their cabinets aren’t organized? do artists just paint even if their laundry isn’t done and put away? If I could just get paid for organizing cabinets and doing my laundry and putting it away! Oh! And there is the bush trimming, the errands and groceries, the correspondence, the mother-in-law needs, the searching for jobs that don’t fit anyway and on and on and one more thing to do before I start writing or painting. Ugh-ness. Routine-ness. Hopeful-ness. Time to see about the dog now! She doesn’t mind if anything else happens except her sniff around the neighborhood. Happy New Year!

Sacred Light

Sacred are the words of God.

Sacred are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sacred are the promises, the provision and the presence of God for us as His creatures.

Sacred is the Bread of Life – the Light of the World – the Shepherd – the Door – the Gate – the Way – the Truth – the Savior – the Prince of Peace – the Creator of All. 

  • Sacred: entitled to reverence . . .
  • Reverence: honor or respect, especially profound, adoring, awed respect; showing devotion to
  • Sacred reverence, perhaps is the thing.

Can we know sacred reverence, knowing we are in His presence at all times? Do we realize for ourselves the immense blessing there for us? 

Imagine you are in a dark tunnel, walking tenuously and slowly because there is some fear of falling or encountering an unwelcome creature. You turn back to the light. You are flooded with reassurance and familiarity and safety. You close your eyes and face the sun. You know that in the light, you would be able to prevent falling and could prepare defense against or retreat from an unwelcome creature in the path.

The light is worthy of respect, is it not?

In the darkness there is some excitement, but I would rather walk in the light, wouldn’t you? I would rather walk and live in the light. I have known the darkness in some of its most “exciting” forms and places, religions and activities. I have explored my share of caves, if you will. I am not a Pollyanna in any way. 

 I know the difference between the reality of the darkness and the reality of the light. I know this in a practical sense  I know this in a spiritual sense. And if it were not for God, I would have despaired to death years ago. 

God is always with us. Matthew 28:20, printed on the first Bible bookmark I ever received, prompted me to look the verse up. I consumed the truth of it. “Lo, I am with you always.” The little girl reading that needed that and believed that. She has never stopped believing that.

He is always with us and He is the light. He is the sacred light!


The Bible talks about words a lot.Our words really come from our hearts: God knows the deepest recesses of each one. His eyes range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully devoted to Him. ( 2 Chronicles 16:9) 

An Extra Hour

Daylight Savings Time. Why can’t they leave the clock alone?

What will I do with my extra hour tomorrow? Sleep probably. Especially since I am up late typing and working on things at least an extra hour tonight. But we don’t really get an extra hour, do we? Our days are numbered. Our time is set. The clock ticks, the time passes, the hours and the days fly by. But God never changes. He is good all the time. That makes me rest easy and enjoy the time I get to live.

For me, the time I get to live is pretty special, since it was a distinct possibility that I would not see life on earth, at least not in this body. But the near-abortion is another story for another day. And it is one that is such a big part of who I am and how I think and feel.

Knowing that I might not have been was a shock at first. But then I was just completely grateful to get to do a life, and even more grateful to get to know God. For some people it takes a lot of years to take things seriously. But for me, it started right away, as if my little brain knew something important. Something like, “Here you are. You are on your own now. And you will be fine.”

Enjoy your hours!