Cooler Summer Day

Today, in what should be the hottest part of the year, the temperature is 76 degrees. It even rained last night and this morning. The canvas rocker on the back porch had a gallon of water in the seat. I captured it in the watering jugs so I can water my plants there when the temperature goes back up to the hotter nineties range. 

It might even go to a “hunerd” degrees pretty soon.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe we should say that the hottest time of the year in Central Texas is September. My college friend, Bob, used to walk outside the dining hall after the evening feed and say,”It’s hotter ‘n’ fried radishes out here!” And he was right. 

Hammocks in the Heat

Sand at the Beach

Froggies Singin’ Cuz It Just Rained Today


A few little book titles, or song titles for us to ponder on a cooler summer day.

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