Sacred Light

Sacred are the words of God.

Sacred are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sacred are the promises, the provision and the presence of God for us as His creatures.

Sacred is the Bread of Life – the Light of the World – the Shepherd – the Door – the Gate – the Way – the Truth – the Savior – the Prince of Peace – the Creator of All. 

  • Sacred: entitled to reverence . . .
  • Reverence: honor or respect, especially profound, adoring, awed respect; showing devotion to
  • Sacred reverence, perhaps is the thing.

Can we know sacred reverence, knowing we are in His presence at all times? Do we realize for ourselves the immense blessing there for us? 

Imagine you are in a dark tunnel, walking tenuously and slowly because there is some fear of falling or encountering an unwelcome creature. You turn back to the light. You are flooded with reassurance and familiarity and safety. You close your eyes and face the sun. You know that in the light, you would be able to prevent falling and could prepare defense against or retreat from an unwelcome creature in the path.

The light is worthy of respect, is it not?

In the darkness there is some excitement, but I would rather walk in the light, wouldn’t you? I would rather walk and live in the light. I have known the darkness in some of its most “exciting” forms and places, religions and activities. I have explored my share of caves, if you will. I am not a Pollyanna in any way. 

 I know the difference between the reality of the darkness and the reality of the light. I know this in a practical sense  I know this in a spiritual sense. And if it were not for God, I would have despaired to death years ago. 

God is always with us. Matthew 28:20, printed on the first Bible bookmark I ever received, prompted me to look the verse up. I consumed the truth of it. “Lo, I am with you always.” The little girl reading that needed that and believed that. She has never stopped believing that.

He is always with us and He is the light. He is the sacred light!

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