An Extra Hour

Daylight Savings Time. Why can’t they leave the clock alone?

What will I do with my extra hour tomorrow? Sleep probably. Especially since I am up late typing and working on things at least an extra hour tonight. But we don’t really get an extra hour, do we? Our days are numbered. Our time is set. The clock ticks, the time passes, the hours and the days fly by. But God never changes. He is good all the time. That makes me rest easy and enjoy the time I get to live.

For me, the time I get to live is pretty special, since it was a distinct possibility that I would not see life on earth, at least not in this body. But the near-abortion is another story for another day. And it is one that is such a big part of who I am and how I think and feel.

Knowing that I might not have been was a shock at first. But then I was just completely grateful to get to do a life, and even more grateful to get to know God. For some people it takes a lot of years to take things seriously. But for me, it started right away, as if my little brain knew something important. Something like, “Here you are. You are on your own now. And you will be fine.”

Enjoy your hours!

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